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Smart Thermostat By Equilibria - Wright & Perriand
Smart Thermostat By Equilibria - Wright & Perriand
Smart Thermostat By Equilibria - Wright & Perriand
Smart Thermostat By Equilibria - Wright & Perriand
Smart Thermostat By Equilibria - Wright & Perriand
Smart Thermostat By Equilibria - Wright & Perriand
Smart Thermostat By Equilibria - Wright & Perriand
Smart Thermostat By Equilibria - Wright & Perriand
Smart Thermostat By Equilibria - Wright & Perriand
Smart Thermostat By Equilibria - Wright & Perriand

Smart Thermostat By Equilibria

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The Equilibria smart thermostat works with electric underfloor heating, baseboard heaters, gas/oil boiler heating and water heating systems.

Improve your life with more comfort, control and peace of mind as you control the heating at home wherever you are and experience a better way of living by scheduling your heating for when you want to heat your home and save money on energy costs.

Comfort and convenience like never before

Smart thermostat by Equilibria gives you the power to control the heating at home from wherever you are with phone and voice control so you can enjoy instant access to your home temperature and thermostat from anywhere.

Our thermostat integrates with your favorite smart home assistants such as Alexa and Google Home and is compatible with the Tuya SmartLife phone app.

Heating Thermostat, Heat Only Thermostat, Electric Baseboard Heater Thermostat

Only pay to heat your home when it matters 

With programmable functions, you have the freedom to set schedules that best suit your lifestyle for any given day and time with daily and weekly schedules to automate your heating. As a result of this, you will never waste energy, save on energy costs and only heat your home when you want giving you the ultimate level of control and peace of mind.



Simply press the power on button to see the menu which will take you through setting up your smart thermostat step by step.


Adjust the temperature to how you want it using manual and automatic programming  modes with timer and menu touch button options.


Sit back and enjoy the convenience of always being in control of the heating in your home so you can save time and money with the Equilibria smart home thermostat.

Quick & easy to install

Install your new thermostat within 15 minutes by simply cutting the power to your thermostat, removing the old thermostat, connecting the wires to your new thermostat, inserting the new thermostat faceplate and restoring power then installation is complete. The user manual includes these simple step by step instructions that are tailored to your heating system.

Electric heater thermostat, smart home thermostat

Your heating data, safe and secure

Your heating schedules are safe with built in data memory so when your thermostat is off, your previous settings will be restored when turned back on in the case of a blackout or sudden power off.

Works With All Common Heating Systems

Water Heating & Boilers

Designed for all  water heating systems including hot water baseboard heaters, hydronic baseboard heaters as well as gas and oil boilers. For an oil or diesel boiler please select the gas boiler smart thermostat version.

Electric Heating Systems

Compatible with electric baseboard heaters, electric floor heating, hydronic baseboard heaters as well as in-ceiling radiant heating systems.

Locking & Data Memory

Smart thermostat by Equilibria is designed with the highest levels of security with data memory, anti freeze and locking functions so you can lock your thermostat when you wish and have peace of mind knowing your thermostat data is safe.

Maximum 3800 Watts at 240V

The Equilibria smart thermostat supports up to 220-240 volts at up to 3,840 watts for electric heating. This information is often found on the heater itself.

Technical Specifications & Features

Technical Information

  • Watts & Voltage: 95-240V
  • Temp Setting Range: 5-35'C
  • Display Temp Range: 5-99 ℃
  • Sensors accuracy: Temperature: +/- 0.5 ℉/0.3 ℃
  • Warranty: 2 year Limited Warranty
  • Item Size: 86 * 86 * 43.4 mm
  • Wi-Fi - 802.11 g/b/n @ 2.4 GHz & supports WPA2
  • Display: LED electronic display

General Features

  • Navigation type: Touch screen display
  • Sensors: Internal and external sensors for floor and room temperature monitoring
  • Security: Data memory function and child lock function
  • Wi-Fi Response (Bluetooth® Communication): Tuya SmartLife Phone app, Google Home assistant and Alexa.
  • Phone Compatibility: iOS and android
  • Programming: Daily and weekly schedules
  • Integration: Amazon Echo, Google Home & device sharing
  • Anti-freezing function: Yes

baseboard heater thermostat, wifi thermostat

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I monitor the floor sensor & lock my smart thermostat?

  • Yes, you can monitor the temperature of the floor sensor by holding the arrow down button and you can lock your thermostat by holding down the menu option for 5 seconds which lets you choose the half lock option or the full lock option.

Does Smart Thermostat by Equilibria work with my brand of heater?

  • Our thermostat replaces your existing wall thermostat and is compatible to work with any brand of boiler, water heater, electric underfloor heater and electric baseboard heater as long as the heating system is 95-240V and is controlled at a rate of 3800W max @ 240V / 1900W max @ 120V. 
  • Compatible brands include Dimplex, Cadet, Stelpro, King Electric, Flexwatt and many others!

How many smart thermostats do I need? 

  • Each thermostat is designed to work on its own — you can start with one thermostat or two and add more as time goes on. For highest optimization of energy savings and comfort, we recommend starting with 2/3 thermostats in the rooms that matter most in your home.

Can I control multiple thermostats using my smartphone?

  • Yes, you can use the Tuya SmartLife app on your smartphone to control up to 20 of our thermostats at a time.
What is your returns & shipping policy?
  • At Wright & Perriand we have a returns and exchanges time period of 30 days from the date you receive your order alongside a 2 year warranty and a delivery period of 10-20 working days.

Is this also an RV Wi-Fi thermostat and can I connect this to multiple wireless thermostats to create a multizone?

  • Yes, as long as your heating system in RV suits the wiring and has Zigbee signal then it is compatible to be used as an RV Wi-Fi thermostat.
  • This thermostat can only control heaters in one area/zone however you can add multiple thermostats to control each zone. If you use the tuya or smart life app you'll be able to control all the thermostats from your phone however our thermostat can only control one area.

Does this thermostat require a c wire?

  • No, this thermostat does not require a c wire.


Estimated delivery between 10-20 working days.

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