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UpStroller Upright Rollator Walker for Seniors and Adults

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Regain the freedom of mobility and comfort. The UpStroller is made to hold you in a comfortable and secure upright position, which improves your posture and minimizes pain.

It’s simply a groundbreaking invention that enables you to walk upright with confidence and comfort. Try it at home for 60 days and if you don’t like it, return it for your money back. No questions asked.

The Benefits

Rediscover walking:

  • Stand and walk with an upright posture
  • Easy to maneuver, stable and secure
  • Dual handbrake system
  • Adjustable, portable, and lightweight

UpStroller Upright Walker is designed to support against:

  • Back and hip pain
  • Hunching and stooping
  • Neck pain
  • Wrist strain


With walking upright, you can look your friends and family in the eyes without hunching over and staring at the ground.

Unlike traditional rollators, UpStroller relieve body weight from the lower body, lessening back and limb pain.

Easy to assemble without any tools needed. UpStroller was created with ease of use in mind, and it comes with a step-by-by-step User Guide.

How Does It Work?

This device is specifically made to address the issues that are common with standard walkers. Our model has the advantage of lowering the risk of falling. It also aims to correct posture, avoiding the long-term negative effects of a traditional walker.

Because of the added stability it provides, its users can walk with greater confidence and ease. Most walkers are designed in such a way that a large portion of your body weight is supported by the wrists, which can increase the risk of injury if used for extended periods of time.

Because the UpStroller supports proper posture, people with back, neck, and hip problems will feel less pain when walking.

Who Is It For?

If you have trouble standing straight, have back pain, or are tired of stooping with traditional walkers then the UpStroller is perfect for you.

It’s been designed to enhance stability, unload back pain, and support an upright posture.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to live a more active lifestyle while improving their health, mobility, and independence.


Recommended Height: 5’ - 6’

Wheel Size: 10” Front + 8” Rear

Armrest Height Range: 38”- 45”

Seat Dimensions: 18” (L) x 10” (W)

Folded Dimensions: 42"(H) x 28" (L) X12"(W)

Seat Height from Ground: 24”

Unit Weight: 22lbs

Weight Capacity: 300pounds


Question: How do you fold UpStroller without any disassembly?

Answer: Fold the walker side to side by pulling up the strap of the seat.

Question: Does it lock so that it would not roll away by itself?

Answer: Yes, this walker has dual handbrake system, squeeze the handbrake to slow, push forward to lock the rear wheels.

Question: Is the UpStroller adjustable?

Answer: Yes! The UpStroller has easily adjustable height tube and armrest tube.

Question: Does this fit in a car trunk?

Answer: Yes, this walker has a compact folding design. It can easily fold and be put it in an average car trunk.

Question: Will the UpStroller relieve my pain?

Answer: The UpStroller helps alleviate back and leg pain by taking weight off the lower limbs. The upright armrests also help to alleviate pain in the wrists and hands that can occur with traditional walkers and rollators, particularly if you have arthritis.


If you return your order anytime within 60 days, we'll send you your money back. No Questions Asked. More info here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Michael S
I can now walk upright without pressure on my spine, WOW what a relief that is!

Used this beautiful upright walker in rehab for repairing my right side from residual effects of small stroke.
It tremendously helped retrain my right side to walk smoothly and UPRIGHT. Not permanently bent
to the ground, like I observed in '60s Japan Army assignment days of elderly "obasons" woman walking at
a permanent almost 45 degree slant to the ground from a life toiling with very heavy loads on their backs.
Can not empathize enough how walking upright has been kind and therapeutic, this walker has been for me.

Patricia S
Best ever!

Love this product. My mother is 87 and gets around very well around the house. She struggles with stability when walking greater distances. It gives her the freedom to walk paved paths in the park, the mall, and Even for outlet shopping. It doesn't make her back hurt like the more conventional ones.
Thank you!

Jesse Y
Super easy to put together and I can finally walk straight again!!!

Super easy to put together and I can walk straight again!!!

Eric B
Freedom! absolutely the best.

Now I can enjoy my walk. I feel safe using it. I feel more aware of my surroundings because my head is looking forward, not down!

Emily W
A good thing of its kind

I'm not feeling really confident yet. My concern is that the wheels are patent leather smooth, no treads to grab on to anything and not slide. I have been execising at the grocery with a cart...
It is hard to managing getting in and out of doors. I have run over my own feet several times. I think it will work out for mall walking...